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melon pan vs conchas

[1] En los últimos años, también se ha popularizado en Taiwán y China.Es blando, de forma redondeada y normalmente cubierto de una capa crujiente; su apariencia es similar a la de un melón, de ahí su nombre. Is this at all similar to pan dulce? I've tried two different types of conchas and I'm not that thrilled. Melon pan is also quite a bit smaller. According to wikipedia: Melonpan and pineapple bun from Hong Kong are very similar. If you are interested about the story read it here. For a first attempt at melon pan, I was pretty pleased with these. I appreciate it! I have an idea of where it might come from: being that I am not aware of how far back the melon bread came about, if it’s a recent invention within the last hundred years, I suspect it may have come to Japan through the Philipines. Melon pan is so popular with people for many years, but it has many different names. I went in and snapped this close-up photo: Well, for starters, neither contain any fruit – there is traditionally no melon in Melon Pan, and no pineapple in Pineapple Bun.. Rather, each bun is named for the fruit based on appearance alone – the final baked bun is said to resemble the rind of the fruit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention its roots before that, but I think it’s likely that the Japanese got it directly from the Europeans (especially the Dutch, Spanish, English, and Italian, which they’ve had relations since at least mid 19th century). Melon Pan was created about 50 years ago in Kobe by a bread baker. Place the melon bun coated with cookie dough into these pans and bake in the preheated oven for about 50 minutes. Thanks for all the good noodling on this, Nathan! Little 4-year-old Joan Pastry certainly was. Woem as we all know are the ones that cook in homes and they would be the ones to pass down to their daughters their cooking knowledge. It’s not terribly sweet, … Originally Melon Pan was football-shaped rather than round. Jun 20, 2019 - Explore chisato duboise's board "melon pan conchas" on Pinterest. The Pastry family happened to be out dining on Mexican food this past Saturday and we passed a Mexican bakery. One thing that's striking about the pineapple bun, which contains no pineapple but has a sugar-cookie dough on top that resembles a pineapple pattern, is that it is very similar to two other treats: first, Japanese melonpan, which contains no melon, and second, Mexican conchas. Thanks for the email, SCG! Chinese love eating Bolo bread, with the criss cross crunch on top of soft sweet bread looking like pineapple skin, thus it’s called “pineapple” bread. Thank you for this comment. Concha is also a sea shell but the shells are usually refered to as conchitas (little sea shells) to avoid saying cunt. Historia. Because the bread was shaped similarly to the melons commonly eaten at that time, it was named Melon Pan. And actually the bread is like the French brioche which exists also in Spain…. Melon pan buns, purchased at JTown (Markham, Ontario, Canada, 2018) ¡Son iguales a las conchas! I went in and snapped this close-up photo: Having finally made melon pan, I can say that the concept behind the two is virtually the same: a fluffy roll covered in a cookie dough that’s scored for decoration. When my melon pan recipe first appeared on the blog, curious readers notified me about a Mexican sweet bread called “Conchas”. The concha is similar to Japanese melon pan. Su nombre proviene de la palabra "pan" en portugués y el "melon" viene de la fruta, porque consideran este producto horneado tiene forma de melón. Thanks for that clue. Su superficie está cubierta con una masa de galleta con azúcar y tienen patrones.Cuando los japoneses visiten México y conozcan la concha, inmediatamente se acordarán del “melonpan”, y viceversa. Meropan, las conchas japonesas . Thanks for the email! Melon pan (meron pan, メロンパン), are Japanese pastries that also have a fluffy texture and a sweet topping, although it is generally crispier than the one on conchas, scored to resemble melon peel:. Even though some places in Japan at some point started adding melon flavor to them, the original recipe contains only milk and butter and this is what Kagetsudo’s jumbo melon pan tastes like. melonpan vs. pineapple bun. 200 Years Old, and We Still Love ’em. as far as I know, the crunch on Dutch crunch is not sweetened, but Concha, Bolo, Melon bread’s crunch are all sweetened. That’s close to the same thing, is it not, Yin? These two breads seem really similar. That’s a fascinating theory, Maria, and certainly not outside the realm of possibility. If you ask me, this is the least tasty bread of the three. Its seasonal name probably comes from the fact that while grown during the summer and autumn, it can be stored and eaten during the winter months. Melon pan is quite similar to pineapple bun, pan dulce and conchas. Conchas consist of two parts: A sweet, enriched bread roll, and a crumbly cookie dough that acts as its topping. Required fields are marked *. It’s the number selling bread in most of the bakeries in Taiwan and Chinese bakeries. This Mexican sweet bread (pan dulce in Spanish) is known for its crunchy topping and shell-like design, hence the name! Judging by her level of enthusiasm I’ll be making these quite a bit in future. This is one of the most famous Mexican pastries and widely recognized in the United States. ¡Sólo míralas! Pan dulce literally translates to sweet bread. Mexican Conchas (Photo by Johnny Miller on New York Times) Conchas Ingredients. Your email address will not be published. It’ll make a great addition to the post! Hay versiones diversas acerca de los nacimientos de estos panes hermanos. Sadly we’ll probably never know when or from whom. Melon Pan VS Sunrise – Different Name, Same Pan. I had a “mind blown” moment when I realized Hong Kong, Japan, and Mexico all shared a similar form of bread that was covered in a sweet, crispy, sugary topping with a grid line pattern on top. Did they come from the same original source? It is not melon flavored (although you can find ones that are). Japanese Melon Pan (Melon Bread) - I only tried the basic version which doesn't taste like melon at all. Today, Melon Pan is more typically a round shape with the signature look of grid line indentations.

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